Tuesday, March 8, 2011

so i'm curious...

I was wondering, how do you define a fight? I mean in a relationship, husband and wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, or I guess even between two friends. Does it have to include shouting and raised voices? Hurtful words exchanged? Or could it just be when you both get so mad at each other that you have to call a timeout so you can calm down?

Cause if a fight can be the last part, then I have to tell you that me and Corey had our first fight. Which is ok, it had to happen sometime. It actually happened nearly three weeks ago. But today and last night I started thinking about it.

So honestly, what do you consider a fight? What do you do to resolve it? I think we handled ours well, but I,m curious as to your thoughts.


Emily said...

Our fights usually involve someone getting mad at the other for not understanding what the other wanted or needed. Which usually leads to civility but not talking or communicating unless needed. Usually gets resolved fairly quickly though, i hate feeling like Ryan is mad at me.

Kristi said...

I think I would classify a fight as when emotions are so heightened that it becomes uncomfortable for one or both involved.

We don't have many fights. The things that help us to keep the peace are good communication skills, being open and honest, and knowing that we love each other and would never purposely hurt the other. Also being willing to apologize helps too.

Kethry said...

that's about what our fights are like. getting angry, retreating until we can control the emotions, then talking about it. we do have an agreement though to try to avoid yelling at each other. because if I'm angry enough to lose control and yell, I'm angry enough to hit. but all in all i think we're doing really well, and communicating well.

It's weird for me though. Being in a healthy relationship with a good guy and him actually pushing me to talk and be better and all that. haven't been in a relationship like that in a decade.